Saturday, January 30, 2010

New video from DIPSET WEST - "THIS COMPTON" and "YOU KNOW ITS BEEN A WHILE" Lamborhgini feat. Young Hu$tle

From the mixtape "GLOBAL WARMING" available for free download on this site


  1. LAMBORHGINI huh????.....dat's whats up....aint really to many females dats rappn dat rep. da "HUB CITY"....say dey call me YOUNG BWEETHO....the lil brother of YOUNG KEDARU...West Side Compton Representitive.. an the newest member of da Dipset West movement...HOLLA.....COMPTOWN stand da fuck up!!!!!

  2. wannna hear more of that Young Hu$tle cat!!! beat was knocking at the end... shouldve kept that kid in and featured tha chick...LOL